Getting the Highest Price When You List Your Home for Sale

There are so many more things that go into listing a house for sale than putting a sign on the lawn and marketing the property in the newspapers. To get the highest possible price, the house needs to be competitively priced, the right potential buyers need to walk in the door and creating a buzz about the listing. Here are a few of the ways the local real estate agent can help to expose your property to the majority of the la jolla real estate market.

Avoiding Delays with the Sale of a House

When you try to sell your house without a real estate agent and make a mistake with the purchase agreement, you run that risk of either delaying the sale or losing the potential buyer. The purchase agreement today is not the same one-page document used years back, today they are at least ten pages and far more complicated. Any mistakes fall on you and could be costly. Your realtor is closing on several houses each month and is familiar with these complicated documents and the mountains of paperwork needed to successfully close on a property.

The Importance of Picking the Right Selling Price

One of the biggest mistakes many sellers make when they list their house for sale without a real estate agent is choosing the wrong price. Many feel the house is worth a certain amount and feel going too high can be remedied by simply lowering the price month after month. Once you start dropping the price, you send a signal to realtors and buyers alike that you are desperate, and they will wait you out. Had you listed with a realtor, they would have determined the perfect selling price and will help you see the house faster too which saves you money in the long run as well.

Creating Urgency When it Comes to Buying Your House

It is one thing to have your house just sitting on the market, it is another when you can create this sense of urgency that people need to own your house. One advantage to having your house listed with a real estate agent is they are experts when it comes to creating a buzz about your house. Your realty agent knows all about the good when it comes to your neighborhood and will highlight all those features to get more attention to your house. By creating more appeal about the neighborhood, buyers get emotionally connected and feel they have to own the house.

Your local real estate agent wears several hats, and not only are they marketing experts, they are financial wizards, and they also know how to move the sale along with the fewest issues. By closely monitoring every step of the sales process, your real estate agent is going to address issues before they become problems and keep you focused on the closing date so that your transition to your next home is as seamless as possible.

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