Check Out These Amazing Neighborhoods in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is as diverse and wide-ranging as it is beautiful. The city is broken up into multiple neighborhoods and is almost like a state all its own which you need to figure out when you’re looking for New Orleans houses for sale.

These neighborhoods have a lot to offer. Some of these neighborhoods include the French Quarter, the Marigny, and the Garden District.

French Quarter

The French Quarter is the city’s historic heart that dates back to the 1700s. The area is famous for the vibrant nightlife that it has to offer and the colorful buildings. There’s plenty of entertainment for residents in the area.

Jazz clubs offer quality music that has been entertaining crowds of people for centuries. Enjoy a drink while you hear the music of places like The Jazz Playhouse and The Palm Court Jazz Cafe.

Drinks from the many bars on Bourbon Street will help to entertain the crowds. Places that you’ll find offer a wide variety of drinks to enjoy.

Of course, there’s the average food. SAID NOBODY EVER! The food that you’ll find on Bourbon Street is some of the best in the state. No, the best in the world!

Check out the French Quarter to sit down for a meal at places like Irene’s and GW Fins to see what everyone on the New Orleans food scene is talking about!


The area is known for its bistros, bohemian bars, and its jazz. All this can especially be found along Frenchman Street. There is no shortage of entertainment for you to explore.

There are also things like sidewalk performers that can add nightlife vibes and more fun to your exploring of Marigny. All of this happening can make you feel like you’re in the middle of a big block party!

There are also plenty of sites for you to check out like the Frenchman Art Market. This market is famous for selling art from the locals in the area.

There are also quieter spots like Washington Square where you can find the beautiful, but old oak trees.

Garden District

The Garden District is one of the most charming places in New Orleans. It is known for its oak trees that shade the streets which give the city its charming look and the diverse homes that surround it.

These diverse homes can range from cottages to even mansions from the area’s past. You can see all these places on the Mardi Gras route! You can have fun while experiencing the beauty that this historic area shows off.

There are also Tombs in the Cemetery that can be seen alongside boutiques, cafes, and fine-dining restaurants for you to enjoy. There are plenty of activities for people to do while checking out the Garden District.

Not only was this neighborhood listed as one of the best places to dine in, but it is also one of the best places to live in New Orleans. Something to think about for those that are checking out the neighborhoods for a place to live.

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