Renting, Buying or Selling in Marylebone

Knowing who to trust can often be confusing, despite the large amount of information online. And when it comes to property, it’s important to work with someone you trust, as your home is probably the biggest investment you will make.

Buying a property comes with potential pitfalls and working with an experienced estate agent is the best way to protect yourself from these. Not all estate agents do a good job, but when you work with a good agent, you can also potentially save money on the transaction too. These tips can help:

Consider the Type of transaction

Many agents specialize and it pays to work with someone with experience in your area. Some agents work mainly with buyers, while some focus on those clients who are buying a home for the first time. Many agents choose either to focus primarily on buying or selling.

Working with an agent who works mainly with buyers is recommended if you are a first time buyer and aren’t selling a property. However, it would pay you to work with a seller’s agent if you are selling your home first before you can buy another one.

Some agents specialize in Marylebone property rentals, and if you are renting in this desirable central London area, you should work with an agent who knows the local rental market.


It is true that anyone can become an estate agent, although experience and knowledge can separate a good agent from a mediocre one. You want to work with an agent who has the skills and knowledge to handle your transaction, whether that is looking at Marylebone property rentals or a home to buy in the area.

If possible, try to work with an agent that has handled a lot of different transactions in their career, rather than just a few. Experience counts for a lot in the real estate business and it’s highly recommended to work with an experienced estate agent, whether buying, selling or renting.

Jeremy James is one of the leading estate agents in the Marylebone area and the company’s agents all have the combination of skill, insider knowledge and experience that you are looking for. It can be confusing buying, selling or renting and Jeremy James can take away much of that confusion. If you want to work with someone who can guide you through the process and help you sell your home quickly or find that perfect flat or house, contact Jeremy James, your estate agent in Marylebone. The area’s leading estate agent will give you the benefit of their decades of experience in the local market.


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