Top Reasons Why You Should Get a Smaller House

The house you are living in can tell so much about you. It is the cradle of your family where values and lasting memories are shared. For first time buyers who are just starting a family, choosing a house is a big struggle. The bigger the better for most people. However, this comes with numerous drawbacks compared to smaller houses. Size matters nowadays. Especially as the population is ballooning, the economy is unstable, and livable land is decreasing.

Ease of maintenance

Generally, the smaller the house means less of everything; electricity, clutter, cleaning time. Hence, more savings for the family. Cleaning the entire house may last for a day, depending on the severity of the dust or number of cleaners. It is not a problem with tiny houses because it only requires minimal effort to cover everything.

Simplicity in lifestyle

Given the limited space at your house, you want to be wise about what furniture you choose. It gives you the chance to see the entire perspective of the house and appreciate every corner of it. You are not obligated to buy expensive decorations to fit the house. No unused things will accumulate since you want to maximize the entire space.

Quality time with family

Spending less time on household chores can give you the freedom to play and spend time with your kids. Smaller houses make you feel closer to your family. Its easier to call everyone in the house during mealtimes instead of being in their big rooms playing a bunch of video games.

Easy to market

Small houses mean a small investment. This might be true but in marketing strategy, and practicality nowadays, a lot of people will prefer small houses. They are energy-efficient, have lower environmental footprint, and lower property tax compared to mansions. You can put your house up for rent or sell it at a very marketable price. There are real estate services that buy houses regardless of the location and status of the house.

It’s healthy for you

A lot of research proves that house dust causes different allergic reactions or triggers asthmatic attacks. Small houses collect less dust and provide you with fresher air. Complicated stairs won’t bother your knee and hip pain as you age. You’ll also be stress-free and happier with your monthly expenses since utilities are not overwhelmingly high. You can practice your gardening skills. You’ll be more motivated to plant because you have smaller land to let your flowers, bushes, and vegetables bloom altogether.

Downsizing your home doesn’t mean that its the only thing you can afford. It has more benefits than what you can ever imagine. It can upgrade the quality of your life, relationships, and health when it comes to different aspects. It is a personal decision with a great positive impact. Make the most out of a small house. Decorate it and open the windows. Let the sunshine come in and makes it a natural therapeutic remedy for your Sunday blues.

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