Here are the Best Places to Rent a House in Essex

Living in London is not an option for many people. Life in the capital has its benefits but it also comes with inflated property prices that force all but the wealthy out of the city. When renting, you’ll probably have to settle for a tiny place closer to the centre or a larger property with a long commute on packed public transport.

It’s no surprise that people are choosing Essex instead. Essex is right on the edge of greater London and you can find a multitude of rental properties which are spacious, affordable, and located in attractive towns or green space. Take a look at the best places to find houses to rent in Essex and plan your move from the Big Smoke.

Basildon Brings Benefits

It takes just under 40 minutes to reach the centre of London by train from Basildon, which makes it ideal for commuters. While most places are easy to commute from in Essex, Basildon has other advantages, too. There are good schools, lots of green space for relaxing, shops and leisure amenities, and plenty of choice in rental properties. Granted, Basildon is not the most attractive town in the country but it does benefit from lower house prices and rental costs than some other places in the county. It represents good value for families.

Cool Colchester

There’s plenty of history in Colchester as it is the oldest town in the country. It has its attractive Old Town and there are lots of galleries and museums to keep you busy. Colchester is great for families, having a variety of highly-rated state schools, lots of green space, and a peaceful atmosphere. It is just under 50 minutes from London on the train.

Brentwood Means Business

If you want a different kind of lifestyle than the family route, and you enjoy nightclubs and eating out in expensive restaurants, Brentwood is your borough. It’s close to the centre of the capital but it has its own character. It’s full of trendy boutiques and hair salons. There are masses of places to eat and dance. It’s certainly not the cheapest place in Essex but it provides plenty of excitement.

Dedham Desire

If you’re looking for a lovely attractive village, you’ll find it in Dedham. Located on the Stour river, Dedham is a countryside idyll with strong links to the city by rail. You’ll find plenty of pubs, restaurants, independent shops and attractions to keep you busy. The surroundings attract lots of visitors, so it’s also a good place to have a holiday home although keep in mind that prices are on the high side in this picturesque part of the county.

Chelmsford Charm

Chelmsford is a good all-round solution for families, young professionals and older people alike. You can easily reach both the capital and the countryside in East Anglia and there are many attractions close by. Chelmsford also has a great selection of rental and sale properties in a range of budgets.

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