Three Reasons to Sell Your Home with a Listing Agent

One thing the average homeowner cannot do is predict the right time to list their house for sale. No sooner do you think it is safe to list, the market crashes and you are left with a stale listing that sits on the market with zero interest for months or years. A real estate agent knows the market well, and regardless if the market is climbing or falling, will draw on data to help position your listing in a way that will get the most foot traffic in the door. Here is why you need to use a real estate gaithersburg md listing agency.

Secret Weapon Your Real Estate Agent Uses

In an effort to get your house in front of the largest audience, your listing agent is going to make certain it reads correctly in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This service is where all realtors access the newest listings, and your realtor will make certain to showcase the best of your property to ensure the right buyer walks in the door. This isn’t a service you have access to without a realtor, so if you go at it alone, you are going to need to excel in marketing and have a large advertising bankroll to try and make up that deficit.

Reducing Interactions with Tire Kickers and Busy Bodies

Listing a house for sale without a realtor opens the door to tons of solicitation at your expense. You now will be answering the door and the phone at all houses of the day, many of which by people who have no business looking at your home. You’ll be dealing with tire kickers, busybodies, and people who want to pay cash for your house at a bargain or represent you in listing. Your real estate agent is your buffer to all these interactions and will focus on getting only the most qualified buyers in the door to help increase the chances of getting a solid contract.

Reaching More Qualified Buyers Faster

One advantage to working with a real estate agent is you will have access to their professional networking skills. A real estate agent develops many relationships with other agents over the years, and they share information about houses their clients might be looking for. If another agent has a potential buyer in the market for your type listing, the two agents will get together and get a deal in the books faster than had the house had to have been marketed the traditional way. Deals happen faster when these agents bring their clients to the door because they are highly motivated.

Your real estate agent is going to be able to take care of all the legalities in this transaction. And they will be bringing the most qualified buyers in the door so you can close in the least possible time. Your job is letting the real estate agent do their thing, while you focus on getting ready for the next chapter in your life.

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