How to Tell If You Need A Condo or Free-Standing Home

If you’re in the market to purchase a home but you’re not sure what you want, it may be in your best interest to make a list. Write down all the things you want and all that you need. Consider your family, pets, and space needs. You might need a pros and cons list for both options, but the main thing is surrounding your decision around what matters most. Your ability to live and function in your new permanent residence. Think about what you’ve always pictured, or what comes to mind when you think of your home. You may need a free-standing home if you rather have a yard, don’t want to hear your neighbors, or don’t want to walk more than ten paces to get to your car.

Rather Have A Yard

A free-standing home gives you yard space. Sometimes the yard is big and sometimes it can be small, but the point is you can walk out the front door or back door and get to a nice patch of grass or patio whenever you want. If you have a pet, yard space is especially ideal. Dogs needs space to run around and if you prefer to house your furry friend outside, then there’s space for you to install a dog house. You could also have room for a birdbath. These are things that would not be possible living in a condo.

Close Neighbors

No matter how thick the walls are, you may often hear neighbors coming home. They may slam their door; their kids may play around near your door. Or you could be hearing car alarms and keys every time you open your windows. A free-standing home gives you space and it also gives you a bit of privacy. You don’t really have to worry about anyone monitoring your activity daily, and if you’re not fond of speaking, you can get away with just arriving home or sitting outside without the obligation of pleasantries.

Walking to The Car

The daily journey of walking to and from my car had me wondering how I could sell my house fast. When you live in a condo, leaving things in the car are not an option. Bringing groceries inside is such a chore you’d wish you were still in line at the store. You will find yourself dreading making quick stops anywhere because the walk to the car isn’t worth it.


The decision to purchase a condo or a free-standing home is a personal one. It really depends on what you want out of your home. Your expectations on privacy, peace, and space may weigh heavily on your decision. A free-standing home will offer you the chance to live independent of neighbors as well as the convenience of having your car within decent walking distance. If all you want is ownership and you’ll never miss a yard, then you just might be ok with having a condo.


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